Wednesday, 18 September 2013

About this blog.

Hi. My name is Venkatesh. This is going to be my first blog post. Before getting into the blog, I would like to give a small intro about myself. Am one of those guys in the millions of half-baked engineers churned out from the humongous number of tier 2 and tier 3 engineering varsities in India. Native of Madurai, a small and beautiful city in south tamilnadu. Managed to complete my engineering degree, and even landed a job in one of the so called top IT companies in the country.

                When am writing this post it had been 3 months and 20 days when I was last a student and  just 2 months and 14 days to become an employee in a company. Like everyone the idea of transforming from a student to an employee frustrates me. I am never going to know when I’m going to get my next vacation or next get together with my old friends. So just in the course of making this transformation period into a useful at the same time an enjoyable one I started to experiment with photography.

                I had always thought of writing a blog for years. But I had a lot of unanswered questions when it came to writing. “Will I be able to write? If yes, what would I write about? Even if I write, will I continue writing? And even if I continue writing would there be any viewers for my blog?” but now though I haven’t found answers for all these questions I had at least found a reason to start my own blog.

                As I told you earlier am an amateur photographer, I had been looking out for a medium to share my photographs with my friends and I found two viable options. Starting a photography page in Facebook or a photo blog. The former option of an fb page didn’t seem to be a great idea for me simply because I just don’t find myself proficient enough to start a photography page. But a blog could cater both my needs of writing and displaying my works.

                I would try and capture the beautiful moments I come across in my way and share it in this blog. I should thank my mom and dad for getting me my first DSLR Nikon D5100 and without it, this blog isn’t just possible. My friend Harish needs a special mention here because it’s his works that inspired me to take up this as a serious hobby and who knows, might even change into a profession in the future! Genuine critiques and comments are always welcome.